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Having over 30 years experience within the Roofing, Property Refurbishment and Renewable Energy Industry, Smart Eco Living identified a gap in the market for a roofing service combined with an insulation product.

For years we had become frustrated with how conventional insulations had a detrimental effect on good construction practices and energy efficiency measures.

Smart Eco Living embarked on a research mission to find a suitable product. In Canada and the USA expandable foam applications were popular for a number of years and we found there were at that time approximately 45 different manufacturers of foam all making various claims about their product.

Having conducted a full and thorough research programme the name Icynene kept coming up as the leading product that ticked all the boxes in terms of quality, consistency, creditable green qualities, technical support and back up. Following further investigations Smart Eco Living became providers of Icynene and this has proven to be the correct decision.

We have seen countless examples as to why we made the correct decision as Icynene has surpassed all other products on the market in terms of quality, performance, technical back-up and support in conjunction with innovation and research and development.