What Happens Next?

What Happens After Your Order Has Been Placed?

From all of the team at Smart Eco Living we would like to welcome you as a much valued customer.

We like to keep our customers well informed. This page explains the process after your order has been placed.

Firstly – Our experienced roofers will carry out all remedial works to your roof as required.

We need to be certain your roof is 100% safe, secure and watertight in preparation for the application of the Icynene treatment.

This will include:

  • Any cracked/broken roof tiles replaced as required
  • Ridge tiles will be re-bedded and re-pointed as required (unless you opted for our dry ridge upgrade)
  • Any damaged/split lead will be repaired/replaced as required
  • Roof Felt professionally repaired/replaced as required.

*The complete specification can be found here “Essential Remedial Works” page


Secondly – Our Approved Icynene Installers will arrive to carry out the Icynene treatment.

This will include:

  • Covering of the carpets between your front door and the loft hatch.
  • Preparing your loft by covering/moving any personal possessions.
  • Sheeting over the loft hatch to prevent any overspray/dirt entering your home.
  • Apply your Icynene treatment (between 2&4 hours depending on roof size.)
  • To complete your installation our team will ensure that all areas are left clean and tidy, including vacuuming, dusting, and removing and disposing of all waste, including any protective sheeting


*Advice & Guidance

  • Once our team have completed your installation they will advise you to leave the loft hatch open for around two to three hours, this will allow better air movement to your loft void and will help the Icynene to cure.
  • Although Icynene is not harmful we also advise avoiding the room that houses your loft hatch for two to three hours. There may be a light odour from the spraying process, this will not be unpleasant at all and soon disappears once the Icynene has cured.


Final Process

Now your installation is complete our customer liaison manager will call at your home and ask if you are 100% happy with the service we have provided. He will check over the installation, take a couple of photographs, and complete the final paperwork as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction notice
  • Customer questionnaire
  • Final balance payment



Your warranty certificate will be sent out by post automatically and will usually arrive with you at home within 7 days

After Sales Service

A member of the Smart Eco Living Team are always available to help with any questions  you may have, or maybe you have a customer recommendation for us, either way we are always on hand should you need us.