Why Icynene

Why Icynene

We use Icynene Spray Foam Insulation! Icynene spray foam insulation is a revolutionary insulation method that has over 400,000 install’s to date. The product developed in Canada over the last 30 years is now in more than 40 countries and is considered to be the future of insulation due to its air tightness qualities. Icynene has a selection of products that can be used in Homeowner and Commercial properties to solve all insulation issues.

Icynene open cell spray foam is a breathable product that is proven to reduce condensation and moisture. Due to its expanding properties, it can be used in areas where insulating was previously not an option. Icynene is BBA CCMC ICC-ES ATec EEA VTT KIWA and NSAI/IAB approved.


Benefits of ICYNENE

There are many benefits to installing an ICYNENE insulation product, here we give you a comprehensive guide to the many excellent features of this fantastic super insulation system.