How Icynene Works

Here we give an insight as to how ICYNENE insulation works, how it helps improve the efficiency and thermal value of your property, whilst also helping to cure many other issues such as damp, ventilation and internal roof degradation

• A Warm Roof stops air entering your property from the outside whilst heat from the living space stays in the loft and doesn’t escape through the roof.

• This creates a single climate in your home and results in energy savings, prevents
roof damage and health risks from damp, mould and
dust, whilst regulating the temperature of your home.

• Customers who have invested in Icynene insulation often feel immediate changes to the
ambience of their home.

Icynene insulation is like a warm windbreaker jacket — it stops the cold air from passing through.
Fiberglass and cellulose insulation are like a wool sweater – if there’s any breeze, it doesn’t keep you warm. Even if they’re very thick to give an extremely high R-value, they’ll still let air leak out and increase your energy bill.

• If your house has fibreglass insulation on the loft floor, then you have outdated building technology in the form of a Cold Roof System.

• A Cold Roof allows air to enter your property from the outside whilst heat from the living space rises into the loft and escapes through the roof.
• This creates two climates in your home and results in increased energy costs, potential roof damage and health risks from damp, mould and dust, whilst making it difficult for
you to regulate the temperature of your home.

Condensation will eventually affect the roof by rotting the timers, and impairing their structural integrity. You may be looking at replacing the entire roof if the condensation in the loft is not taken care of soon enough.

Icynene is breathable and open-celled; allowing moisture to drain out of it seamlessly, without any residue resulting. It’s these superlative features that differentiate it from traditional insulation products on the market.
Any residue left behind, as in standard insulation options, can become a haven for mould to grow and damp to take hold around your property – which Icynene insulation won’t allow.

By applying Icynene spray foam insulation to your loft, it super insulates your roof space, so what was previously cold air space will instead be at a similar temperature to the rest of your home which will reduce the risk of roof damage from condensation and mould.
Icynene adapts perfectly to every structure and surface, sealing all gaps and cracks meaning substantial energy savings are easily achieved, while making the home more comfortable than ever before.
Icynene spray foam insulation is an air barrier, and insulation material that effectively seals roofs against air heat loss and virtually eliminates air leakage, as a significant amount of the heat loss, to a building, is through the roof. It is critical that the loft space is fully insulated to the highest standards.
Icynene is breathable and will reduce the risk of roof damage from condensation and mould.
Icynene Never looses its shape and remains flexible
Icynene wont compress sag or settle over time
Icynene is sprayed onto the felt or a membrane (not direct to tiles) between the timbers 75 – 100mm thick (approx the depth of roof timbers)

• Globally recognised accreditations and certificates – Our product is one that is reputed through major regulatory organisations such as BBA, ETA and Trustpilot.
• Open cell insulation – Open cell insulation accommodates long term creep and seasonal movements of properties which is something you do not get with closed cell insulation and benefits you as a homeowner.
• Fire retardant – Stops home or roof from burning in event of fire due to oxygen elimination, providing you and your family with a safer home.
• Noise reduction – Reduces interior and exterior sounds benefiting you with a more comfortable and usable home.
• Reduces energy consumption – Spray foam insulation benefits you by saving you money and improving your EPC rating, if you are looking to sell in the future homes with a higher EPC rating are more likely to sell.
• New to the UK from Canada – Canada lead the world in energy efficiency due to the extreme cold weather that they experience all year round. Over 40% of homes in North America have benefited from spray foam insulation.
• 25 Year Warranty – No need to keep topping up or coming into contact with traditional insulations such as fibreglass.
• Water Blown – Our spray foam insulation benefits you as it is water blown, this means no nasty chemicals or irritants.
• Green Product – Less C02 emission contribute to saving the planet.
• Air Tightness – Stops draughts, condensation, mould and damp.
• Soft Foam – Allows for structural movement and lasts longer.
• 400,000 installs in over 40 countries – A proven and trustworthy solution